Is Nic Cage a zombie?

I'm just saying...

I'm just saying...

I saw Knowing recently. I saw Ghost Rider before that. Believe me folks, I know a re-animated corpse when I see one. And if nobody else is willing to ask the question, I will; has Nicolas Cage become another soldier in the swelling ranks of the living dead?

Is it possible that Nic passed away sometime after Adaptation, and has since been brought to life by one of the Hollywood studio’s burgeoning science divisions? Do you really think your average Hollywood exec would balk at the thought of bringing a star back from the dead if it meant more box office hits?

What are we to make of Cage’s vacant, expressionless shuffling throughout his last couple of films? What about these rumours that are coming to light regarding Cage’s contractual demands for his trailer to be supplied with fresh human brains twice a day?

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One Response to “Is Nic Cage a zombie?”

  1. Morbo Says:

    Somewhere in the process of turning into the unliving, Morbo believes Mr. Cage lost the ability to read and decide if a script was any good or not. Aside from the abominations listed above, he was in the remake of The Wicker Man. Morbo thinks it’s almost as if he decided after Leaving Las Vegas that this serious acting bit was for chumps, and he’d trot out the same character for anyone who’d wheel a big enough barrow full of cash (or brains, perchance) up to his front door, script unseen.

    Thus, Nic Cage is Morbo’s Vermin of the Week.

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