Top Three Star Trek Films

The new Star Trek film belongs in here, but it’s against the rules to make the list directly after a review. For the record, I’d also like to include Galaxy Quest, the 1999 spoof of the Star Trek franchise that featured a great cast, a tight script and a rare like-able performance from Tim Allen.

3. Star Trek: First Contact

Easily the best of the Next Generation flicks, they manage to step around the awkward time travel nonsense better than any of the other Trek films have before or after. A solid guest appearance by James Cromwell, some solid Melville literary references, a snappy pace and the most dignified Star Fleet Captain in the series – what more can you ask for?

2. Star Trek III – The Search For Spock

Kirk & Co. squeeze into their skin tight one-pieces for an all out, balls out attempt to rescue Spock, who has, you know, improbably come back to life after dying in a previous movie. This one has it all; loss, drama, melodrama…Kirk has a son for about 15 minutes there…Christopher Lloyd plays a bad guy, and those Klingon bastards all get what’s coming to them.

But Jim, what about the enormous holes in this plot?

But Jim, what about the enormous holes in this plot?

1. Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan

Khaaaaaaaaaannnnn!!! This film sets the standard for the franchise. Some genuinely creepy moments, some high action and a charismatic and formidable villain – for a long time there this was as good as Star Trek got.

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