Aussie Chris Hemsworth is Thor

Nikke Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily has confirmed her report from a few days ago – Chris Hemsworth is set to play Thor in the upcoming Marvel feature. Big news for the Australian, who is probably best known to American audiences as “George Kirk” (James Tiberius’ father) in the latest Star Trek film, although Aussies might remember him from his long run on Home and Away or the local version of Dancing With The Stars.

Plenty of questions over what direction they will take the movie – will we see Thor as the left wing revolutionary with a possible delusional God complex? Or will they get back to the mythological roots of the character and play up the God status? And what kind of look will Kenneth Brannaugh bring to the role of Director? Hamlet meets Hulk? A powerful character study of family conflict through the eyes of a Thunder God and his enormous hammer?

Either way – we do know this;

1) In addition to this movie, Thor is set to be included in an Avengers movie with Iron Man, The Hulk and a cast of other Super-hero types following this movie’s release in 2011.
2) Chris Hemsworth’s star is well and truly on the rise – this news comes on the back of his well received performance in Star Trek, his current work on the Joss Whedon project The Cabin In The Woods, and to top it all off he has recently signed up to play the lead in the remake of the 1984’s cult classic, Red Dawn. How’s that for the dream geek quadrilogy? 

Nice work if you can get it.

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