Top Three Ben Stiller Movies

Night at the Museum 2; Battle of the Smithsonian,  is out, so I’m marking the occasion with a Podium devoted to Ben Stiller.

Honorable mentions; Dodgeball, The Royal Tenenbaums – and one glorious cameo as the tyrannical Orderly in Happy Gilmore. I would count Meet The Parents, which I honestly didn’t mind, but he ruined all the credit he built up there with the sequel, and this third installment they have scheduled, Little Fockers. Hmm.

3. Tropic Thunder.

Bounced back after a couple of so-so efforts, putting together an all-star cast and hitting the jungle for some old fashioned hijinks. He probably doesn’t nail every joke in this, but they come fast enough that you don’t mind. This movie also earns points for the Tom Cruise cameo – his funniest work since the stuff on Oprah’s couch.

2. There’s Something About Mary

Stiller has a gift for awkwardness, and plays it to the hilt here as one of several unrequited/sometimes requited suitors for the aforementioned Mary. Cameron Diaz is great as the friendly, successful, unrealistically hot girl (a role she is playing in real life in fact), and they get some solid support from Matt Dillon’s teeth. Some memorable moments, but this film will probably always be remembered two things; Cameron Diaz’s hair gel, and the most painful zipper scene in film history.

Current count of free hair gel offers since this movie? 3, 685, 456.

Of course, Stiller movies aren't always classy.

 1. Zoolander

For mine, the definitive Ben Stiller role – Derek Zoolander, the troubled male model who questions the shallowness of his existence as he starts to be replaced by a younger, more talented rival. He is brilliant in this, alternately carrying the comedy and making his co-stars shine. Plenty of iconic comedy scenes; the petrol pump shower, the walk-off with Owen Wilson, the orgy with the dwarves, a strange and creepy cameo from Billy Zane – and of course, Blue Steel.  Plenty of folks just didn’t get into this movie, but I rank it as his very best.

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3 Responses to “Top Three Ben Stiller Movies”

  1. Darren Says:

    I do like Zoolander, but I’m not sure it beats out There’s Something About Mary. I suppose it is more of a Ben Stiller movie though (and it did introduce us to Will Ferrell).

    No Starsky and Hutch, Zero Effect or Envy, though? 🙂 Boy that man has made some dodgy films.

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  3. Haylee Says:

    Omg zoolander is like the best movies ever in the history of movies. I love that movie!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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