Inglorious Basterds Update

Reviews from the debut of Inglorious Basterds in Cannes are in, and as usual, Rotten Tomatoes has the pick of them.

Nikki Finke has also put together some of the UK reviews, and they can be checked out at her Deadline Hollywood Daily site.

It’s a mixed bag, to be sure, with comments ranging from “Gott-Awful”, all the way through to “a wonderfully acted movie that subverts expectation at every turn”. Some claim this is a return to form, sure to revive his career, whilst others are calling it a complete flop.

I'm predicting this scene ends in violence...

I'm predicting this scene ends in violence...

What we can be sure of is that the audience gave the film a rousing ovation at the end of the screening, and that right now Quentin Tarantino is the talk of the town. Those have to be good signs, although, Cannes has been kind to him before.

Personally, as an un-ashamed, un-repentant an un-whatever-else Tarantino fan, I’m excited about this one. In an era of sequels and prequels, Tarantino keeps moving forward, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with his WW2 spaghetti western.

For those looking to whet their appetites, TrailerAddict has some previews. Ain’t it Cool News is also promoting a new clip – with an introduction by Tarantino himself. Check it out here

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One Response to “Inglorious Basterds Update”

  1. Morbo Says:

    Morbo is pleased that the puny earthlings are once again recognising Morbo’s good friend Quentin Tarantino’s greatness. The fact that most of the whinging revolves around the movie being dialogue driven makes Morbo wonder if the reviewers have seen a Tarantino movie before, although the extensive use of foreign languages promises to be interesting.

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