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The Round-Up

June 19, 2009

The pick of this week’s internet rumors, rumblings and total fabrications. A famous hat pops back up on the radar, the remakes keep on coming, the Rounders boys take a seat back at the table (sort of) and Tom Cruise may be mending fences with Paramount in order to take another Mission Impossible.

Indiana Jones and the Next Big Hit

Shia Le Beouf announced in a recent interview with the BBC that Steven Spielberg had just finished a first draft for the next movie in the Indiana Jones franchise – big news for Indy fans, whether you liked the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls movie or not. Check out the full interview here.

Rounders Writer’s Cash In Some More Chips

Looks like the writing team that brought us Rounders is set to bring another poker story to the big screen, with their story about online casino’s in Costa Rica being picked up by Paramount, and with Leonardo Di Caprio (and his production company) attached. Ain’t it Cool have the details.

The Remakes Are Getting Stranger…

Bride of Frankenstein is this week’s favorite unlikely rumored remake, with Director Neil Burger being the man tagged to get the project rolling. Turns out this is only one of several Monster flicks Universal are pushing at the moment, with the Wolf Man set for release soon, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon also set to go into development. Hokey 1950’s style horror…here we come!

Mission Impossible Now Very Probable

In a move that surprised many, considering the nature of his departure from the studio after a 14 year relationship, Tom Cruise looks to have made amends with Paramount, and is getting set for another addition to the Mission Impossible franchise, under the guidance of JJ Abrams.

Red Dawn Moving Forward

Red Dawn is starting to shape up, and has the latest on some key announcements. Writer Tony Gilroy (the guy who did the Bourne series) has been hired to pen the re-make of the 1980’s classic (Go Wolverines!).

Some key casting announcements as well – Josh Peck has been hired to play the role of Matt Eckert (the role oringinally played by Charlie Sheen), whilst Adriann Palicki will play Toni (the role first played by Jennifer Grey). Don Bradley is still set to direct what should be a very, very interesting update.


The Round Up

June 11, 2009

The pick of this week’s internet rumors, rumblings and total fabrications. More remakes and reboots, no Arnie for Predator, Johnny Depp may have signed up to play Tonto, and are the wheels completely falling off the GI Joe movie? has an interview with Harold Ramis detailing all the latest on the Ghostbuster 3 movie. Looks like writing is underway, and a first draft might be complete soon. Nothing concrete, but plenty of optimism.

The Arnie casting rumor for the Predator reboot looks like it was a red herring, with Aint It Cool News pouring water on it with the direct word from Robert Rodriguez.

Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper are both rumored to be starters in the upcoming A-Team remake. Both are coming off big box office hits (Taken and The Hangover) and would be big pick ups for a film that still has a long way to go before proving to many fans that the whole idea isn’t a complete fiasco. has an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer regarding some upcoming projects – the long hyped Pirates of the Carribean 4 of course, but first there is going to be a Lone Ranger film with Johnny Depp attached to play Tonto

GI Joe – Rise of the Cobra hasn’t even got out of post production yet, and already it may be coming apart at the seams. Slashfilm has the lowdown on a disastrous test screening, and the latest on the rumor that the films director Stephen Sommers may have been let go.

Nikki Finke continues to track Transformers 2’s attempt at breaking box office records, with news that with two weeks still to go before release, 21% of all online tickets have already been sold. Unsurprisingly, the film looks to be huge with the under 25 crowd. And what about the story that Michael Bay could pull in over $75million for the effort?

Finally, for those who aren’t looking for a film based on action figures – a name and release date for Clint Eastwood’s Nelson Mandela biopic, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. The film is titled Invictus and is adapted from the novel Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation, by John Carlin.

The Round-Up

May 30, 2009

The pick of this week’s internet rumours, rumblings and total fabrications. Reboots, remakes, prequels and sequels – is Hollywood so out of fresh ideas that a $70 movie made from the perspective of a zombie is about to be picked up?

Alien re-make, or prequel?

Looks like the Alien franchise will be the latest to get an update, with Fox head honcho Tim Rothman announcing that they have been in talks with Ridley Scott. It’s not clear however whether the talks have been about a re-make of the cult classic, or whether the project they are discussing is a prequel.

Ferrell keen to make Anchorman 2

Sweet Lincoln’s mullet!!! Will Ferrell, in Australia to promote his upcoming feature, The Land Of The Lost, dropped a number of hints to reporters that preparations for a sequel to the comedy hit, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy may be in the works.

That’s it, Reboots for everyone….

With Vampires suddenly all the rage again, it looks like the Buffy franchise is in for a re-boot, although this time with no attachment to Joss Whedon or the cast from the successful TV series.

Battlestar Galactica actress Kate Sackhoff also got the internet buzzing when she purchased a large amount of Daredevil comics that feature one of the Marvel characters – Typhoid Mary. Is a Daredevil re-boot in the works? Or, is this character research for the recently green-lit Deadpool movie? Or, you know, does she just like comics?

Colin set to be picked up by Hollywood

My favourite story from Cannes – Colin, a movie made in the UK, told from a zombie’s perspective and shot with a budget of 45 pounds has picked up a distributor in Japan, and may be close to landing a deal with a major American distributor. I can just picture Hollywood execs crying into their soy mocaccino’s latte’s as they heard the news.